See London’s Skyline from the o2 Arena

Today I’ve been flicking back through some photos and trips/holidays I’ve done in the past few years and thought that this might be worth a share to any Londoner or anyone visiting London now or in the near future –

Last year for my birthday I organised a trip with some friends from work to climb to the top of the o2 Arena, “Up At The o2“, i can’t recommend doing this enough! Even if you’re scared of heights, do it, you won’t regret it! & plus there’s no steep drop, you literally climb up the sides of the dome, you’re attached the whole way and once you’ve got to the top, well, all your fears will disappear!

Amazing as this low sunset looks, this photo does the view no justice!

The walkway is practically like a trampoline which adds even more fun into your climb!

You can choose to climb at different times throughout the day but I recommend you doing the “Twilight climb” which is what we did. We started off in daylight and as we got higher the sun got lower, it was just beautiful so try and do it whilst he still have lovely evenings here in England!

Once you get to the top your guide will allow you and your group some time to take lots of photos and enjoy the view 🙂 It’s pretty reasonable as well to Climb The o2, prices are around £30 but £25 if you’re an o2 customer. (This includes a group chat with your guide on how everything works and you climbing onesies!) Plus you can get a professional photo taken at an additional cost, to keep as a little momentum 🙂

Stuck for something to do in London? Want to do something a bit more spontaneous? Then Climb The o2 Arena!

Click here to visit the “Up At The o2” website

Posin’ on the skyline


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