Why I’m going to miss London Town

So with 2 weeks to go until I pack in my day job, it got me thinking…
As it’s getting closer to my departure date it’s all starting to hit me that I’m actually leaving and that I have no idea when I’ll be coming back. For the past 3 and a half years I’ve been working in London’s West End, 6 days a week so it’s become my home more than my actual home just outside of London.

So what’s the biggest thing I’m leaving behind?
The most obvious thing that I’m going to miss are all my wonderful colleagues that I’ve had the pleasure of spending most my time with these past few years. Working at the Lion King has been like working with my family, apart from there’s about 100 of them! They’ll all know what I mean when I say we’ve all been through so much together in the past year and we’ve all had each others backs and well being in mind and I honestly think that I have the biggest bunch of life long friends! Not to mention that it’s also been my dream job since leaving my make up school, so it’s been a pretty awesome few years!

London’s rat race isn’t exactly pleasant if you’re a 9-5’er but being a theatre working I tend to work from the afternoon into the evenings which means that travelling around Central was a lot nicer for me. I guess, in a way this is going to be something I’ll miss, seeing the City everyday and the buzz that it carries. (Although I won’t complain about this too much seeing as I’m going to be living on a surf camp in Sydney for 3 months, that’s much more me!)

Any of my colleagues or friends that I have taken for a cocktail after a show will know this one!
I have one word for you – CHRISTOPHER’S. Our local, after work cocktail bar in Covent Garden. Sounds petty I know, but I’m telling you now that the conversations that we’ve had within the walls of this building over (what I consider) one of London’s best cocktails, the amount of alcohol and food we’ve indulged in after a bad day at work or to celebrate a date in the year became a sort of ritual for us at Lion King. Plus they do the most heavenly chocolate brownie I have ever tasted!

Going to miss this crazy bunch a lot!

A yummy treat at Christopher’s

The culture in London is something a lot of Londoners take for granted and never actually get around to doing the museums, art galleries and exhibitions – I was guilty of this for the first few years I worked in the City but once I opened my eyes a bit more and actually made the time to do these things with friends, I became hooked! The Natural History Museum has to be my favourite place, the building itself is magnificent and they always have some really cool exhibitions on. I also recently went to Digital Revolution at the Barbican recently, an exhibition that focus’ on technology through the ages, starting with the first ever Mac computer right up to the technology used to make the film Gravity. It was also really interactive too which made it even better.

Of course I’m leaving London to go travelling and the culture will only grow in my life so although I’ll miss it, it won’t leave a hole in my heart!

The final thing on my list has to be the amount of different views I can have of London and without having to really make an effort to go and see them. Who doesn’t love a city skyline? I can walk to Waterloo bridge in a matter of minutes from my work and it’s gives me all of London’s landmarks in one viewing, even on a grotty English summers day it can make me smile! Then there are the beautiful views from some of London’s finest buildings, for example The Shard or if you read one of my previous posts, from The O2 Arena!

A night time view from The Shard

There’s a whole heap of stuff that I’m going to miss but I can just about hear Australia calling my name – I’m so ready for my adventure now it’s unreal!

London, it’s been a pleasure.


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