One week to go & what’s going on in my brain?


I’m aware I’ve been a bit rubbish at updating my blog with new posts and info (I have actually had some ‘blogging’ sessions with my friend and fellow blogger Lori!) but as time is rapidly creeping up on us, I’ve been running out of time to get myself together to begin the big adventure and quite frankly I don’t feel as prepared as I’d like to!

So what have I been doing?

Well, nowhere near as much as I had planned to have done by this point. The last few months have flown by but September in particular has just completely disappeared right before my eyes, I really don’t know where the time has gone! All my attention was focused on finishing my time working at The Lion King, spending time with my buddies whilst I was still working in London and having an awesome goodbye party on my last day. (FYI, it was more than awesome!)

Yes, it was Australian themed!

Yes, it was Australian themed!

Knowing that I’d have just over 2 weeks to myself once I finished worked kept me calm and controlled over the fact that I could do all the last minute bits I needed too – i.e grab any last minute bits and pieces, catch up with friends and family that I needed too and just get my head around the fact my life was about to completely change.
Well, I can tell you now that I haven’t got around to getting everything I need/wanted too, things haven’t gone so smoothly to plan, I haven’t seen ALL my friends and family that I wanted to see and I most definitely haven’t gotten my head around what I’m actually going to be doing this time next week. But despite all this, I actually feel okay and cool about it all. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so ready to leave the UK and have a whole new experience with life, if it’s because I’ve accepted the challenge and what might or might not happen during it all or if it’s because I’m actually more laid back than I originally thought!
I do still have a week to go until I fly out to Sydney so I do have some time to get some bits and pieces done and see the majority of my friends this weekend at home for another party to bid me farewell but I think it’s also important I take at least a day to have to myself and collect my thoughts on everything, it’s a big leap after all.

The moment that changed my headspace

As soon as I finished worked and recovered from an awful 2 day hangover, my first initial thoughts were to go shopping for a decent backpack and starting making a bunch of lists of what to pack, what to buy, what to do etc etc. – This all changed when I received an email from my surf instructor.
Now, one thing I did start to think about a lot was my 3 month surfing course that I’m doing as soon as I get out to Australia. I hadn’t been surfing for a few years so booked in a surf lesson down on Joss Bay in Kent just so I could come to terms where I was at and wouldn’t be disappointed with myself when I actually started in Oz. This I was happy with.

Enjoying an early morning surf on Joss Bay with Holly!

I also knew that a lot of fitness was involved because surfing is a sport for the fit so I got myself signed up to a gym back in May, again this I was happy with. My fitness levels rapidly improved and I’ve seen and felt a major change in myself from it. After reading my extremely detailed email from my instructor, it was obvious I had to be fit but even more so than I was preparing myself for. I’m going to be surfing 5 days a week, have a theory session twice a week and fitness sessions 3 days a week – sounds great I know and trust me, I’ll be throughly enjoying myself because I’ll be in my element and I knew this wasn’t going to be a piece of cake. But I’m allowed to have some self doubt right?! I mean, on top of all of that I’m being assessed regularly, for surfing and for fitness and I have to pass a swimming test by the end of my course which includes being able to swim 500m in under 10 minutes! & that’s on top of all my theory work, ocean first aid and a rescue course (which I can imagine entails dealing with shark attacks too!) Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be training my butt off and I have heaps of determination to complete all of this but this is the main thing playing on my mind right now – so much so that I’m going swimming tomorrow morning to do 20 laps of a 25m pool so I know where I’m at with the swimming thing!

That’s pretty much where I’m at right now – a week to go and I’m feeling good about it all! (Ask me again this time next week after all the emotional goodbyes) It’s not the most interesting post in the world but I know a lot of my friends have been asking how long left, how am I feeling etc and this is one of the purposes that I began writing a blog. I guess I’ve learnt that you can make as many detailed and scheduled plans as you like but circumstances change and then you’ll only be left feeling disappointed that things didn’t go the way you wanted them too so just go with it, make sure that you’re okay and in a relaxed and happy frame of mind with things and just enjoy your last moments 🙂


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