Sydney, I’m here!

I’m here, finally! In Sydney & here’s a quick little update about my journey – It’s taken me the most of 2 days to arrive & I still have an hour or so until I can check in to the hostel but I’m here (drinking coffee in the sunshine) & through the tired bags under my eyes, I’m beaming!


The journey, despite it being a total of 25.5 hours, wasn’t actually too bad. <!
My first stint from London to Beijing couldn’t have gone better, after an emotional goodbye with Mumsie at the security gate I walked straight on down to my boarding gate & hopped on the plane ready for take off. 9 hours later, I was in Beijing. I had 3 hours to kill which wasn’t hard in Beijing airport – it’s huge! & it was surprisingly quiet, I took a wander & stumbled across a couple of man-made Chinese gardens, complete with misty water, decorative fountains & fish! It actually gave the place a really tranquil feel & a sense of being outdoors for a little while.


I curled up and had an hours nap & then before I knew it it was time for me to board my next flight to Sydney. Again, I can’t complain about flying with Air China but on this flight the onboard entertainment wasn’t working for everyone & I didn’t particularly enjoy the Chinese breakfast – (the guy sat next to me got the last omelette, grr) but these weren’t massive issues considering I slept most of the way.
As soon as I got off the plane in Sydney I felt strangely relaxed & calm about being in a brand new city on the other side of the world, all on my solo. The general buzz was really relaxed & friendly, people were more than willing to point you in the right direction and help you out and it didn’t have that hustle & bustle airport feel that every other airport I’ve been too had. I sorted out a SIM card & hopped onto a shuttle bus to my hostel, I was the last stop but I actually quite enjoyed having a little tour of the City, driving under Sydney Bridge & past the Opera House – it was a nice little taster!
& now here I am, a tad early for check in, eating my scrambled egg breakfast (that I didn’t get on the plane) in the sunshine & wondering what to do whilst I’m in Sydney for the weekend 🙂

And this is just the beginning!

(To all my friends & family that asked me about my Australian phone number – the SIM card is in its activation process so I’ll get in contact when I can. Just send me a Facebook message with your deets! 🙂 lots of love x)


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