Goodbye Sydney (for now) & hello Mojo Surf Academy!

After spending a short 3 days in Sydney it’s time for me to pack up my belongings and make my way up the coast with a 10 hour coach journey to Arrawarra to start my 3 month stint of surfing.


Seeing as I only had 3 days in Sydney, it couldn’t have worked out better than it being Friday to Sunday so I did my best at making the most of the City (which is difficult with a messed up body clock from jet lag!) and try to see and do as much as possible. I spent the Friday mainly in the hostel I was staying at in Kings Cross – Jolly Swagmans Backpackers which was an awesome place to stay as a newbie to the City. It was full of backpackers and people travelling and working in the City and had a really friendly vibe about it. I decided to take a wander with my camera and ended up in the City centre after a 15 minute walk, it was really strange to leave London, fly to the other side of the world and wander around a City with road names such as Oxford Street, areas called Kings Cross, Lewisham and Dulwich and a Hyde Park! I felt like I’d flown 25 hours to find myself back in London!

However, on Saturday I ventured out with a few people I’d met at the hostel and soon changed my mind on the whole London similarity. We strolled through a few different areas of the Sydney which were beautiful and headed for the Botanical Gardens, stopping off at the point alongside the Opera House to take some photos. There was so much more space and air than in London and it was really refreshing to go to a major City and not feel like you’re in a constant rat race, people just take their time and appreciate where they are and what they’re doing.




Walking along the waterfront to the Botanical Gardens the skyline runs parallel to you and it gives you a real sense of Sydney – it has beautiful City skyline that gives you that busy lifestyle sort of feeling but it also has beautiful, lush, green gardens that makes you feel like your 100 miles from a busy City and it has a number of amazing harbours that are filled with impressive yachts, a whole selection of waterfront restaurants and packed with cosmopolitan bars – my kind of city!




We grabbed something to eat and headed back to the hostel where we just chilled out in the lounge area with some of the other backpackers before I headed to Darling Harbour to meet my friend from Maidstone who is now living and working permanently in Sydney! After spending a few hours with him and catching up over dinner (in the most bizarre Chinese restaurant) it soon dawned on me how much he has been living the dream out here in Australia and is now very much settled after starting out here on his travels! – (just a thought!)


Sunday was the best day I spent in Sydney because a large group of us decided to make the most of Sydney’s heatwave, Bank Holiday weekend and spend the whole day on Bondi beach. The beach itself is breathtaking and had some really impressive waves and it was all surrounded by beautiful beach houses, surfboards and sunbathers! I actually had a moment as I was wandering down to the sea to swim where I thought I can’t believe I’m here & this is my life at the moment. I don’t have to worry about work, being anywhere or pleasing anyone, I can do what I want when I want and right now I’m in 30+ degree sun, on Bondi beach swimming in some flipping crazy waves! it was such a great feeling!



So my Sunday was spent trying to shift my British pastiness, swimming in blue waters and sipping smoothies from Boost bar, I felt so blessed! And now here I am, writing this post whilst on a Greyhound coach full of surfers on our way up to our home for the next few months! My instructor has told me that we have Kangaroos on the beach and around the area where we can do all our activities – (which by the way, sound AWESOME – rafting, canoeing, golf with the Kangaroos etc) so I’m officially adding taking a Kangaroo selfie to my bucket list!

I’m loving life and I’ve only been in Australia for 4 days, that says something doesn’t it! 🙂


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