My first 2 weeks at Mojo & why I’ve been slacking on the blog front!

G’day all,
I know I’ve been really poor on updating my blog these past few weeks, I’m slowly adjusting to my surfing schedule so I’ll post more often from now but I can confirm after numerous messages from my friends & family that I am alive!


I’ve been super busy in my first 2 weeks at surf camp and becoming accustomed to the surfing ways, my first week was essentially a freshers week for us here at Mojo which was awesome but after finishing my second week on Friday, it’s become apparent that the hard work starts NOW!
On my second week I started really doubting myself on becoming a surfing instructor (early on I know!) I knew it was going to be hard work but it started to hit me hard on the levels of fitness that are required and I started to panic. I’m also not the most confident person in deep water & huge waves but I’m determined to overcome this issue! Anyway, after speaking to my instructor about it I feel a lot better without the weight of it all playing on my mind & he’s promised to help me when I need it & I had an awesome surf this morning so that’s put me back on cloud 9! I can only give it my all right?!


It was sad to say goodbye to these chicks after a week ๐Ÿ™ – Judi & Micha!


A couple of our pet kanga’s ๐Ÿ™‚


I met a group of fellow surfers that were starting my programme on the coach up from Sydney and ended up being roomed with them in the “Academy House” – (we’re academy students because we’re all here from 1-3 months) so we’ve all become close pretty quickly which was been nice, catching waves together, celebrating a joint birthday weekend and having a weekend away in Byron Bay this weekend which was pretty sweet!
I had my first real backpacker experience with 2 of my roommates last week, we had been told that Woolgoolga (or Whoopie as the locals call it) which is our closest town, was approximately a 25 minute walk away – this seemed legit to us seeing as it takes around 10 minutes in the car so we decided to set off to the supermarket and stock up with supplies whilst getting to see the beaches and surrounding areas….
…. 2 hours later we stumbled across a petrol station in the middle of nowhere which, at this point, we decided we were lost. We could accept this, it happens right!? And there was a petrol station which had a working phone that I’m sure they wouldn’t mind letting us use to call a cab – WRONG! To cut a long story short, we ended up hitching a ride with a young Korean guy called June who was also very new to Australia and saved us from the middle of nowhere, he also very kindly gave us his phone number incase we ever found ourselves in this pickle again!
(It may not sound like much of an experience but when, what we thought an hour round trip turned into an almost 5 hour trip, in the Australian heat – it was bloody exhausting!)

We made our way up to Byron Bay on Friday via the Greyhound service -(which is probably the best way to travel out here!) We arrived around 9PM which was the perfect time for us to check into our hostel & go out for a few drinks which then resulted in a late night at Cocomangas! We booked a bus tour to Nimbin for Saturday morning which was such a surreal experience, for those of you who haven’t heard of Nimbin it’s the cannabis capital of Australia. I’m going to quote my Lonely Planet book when I say it’s HIGHly recommended


I don’t think any of us knew what to expect when we got there but it’s the tiniest little village/town which takes about 10 minutes to walk around and it feels like you’ve travelled back to the 70’s – it was so cool, there was tye-dye everywhere! Our driver decided to drive us around the scenic route and stopped off at a really pretty waterfall where Sven decided to tred in dog poo, hence the shoe washing in the river!



After our hippy tour guide/bus driver cooked us some lunch we had one last wander before heading back to Byron Bay where we had some dinner on the beach and did some more shopping… It’s a dangerous place for my bank balance!




For those that want to know more about the hostel we stayed at in Byron Bay we opted for Aquarius Backpackers which was right by the beach. It was amazing value for money and the rooms have heaps of space! For 2 nights we paid $54 each and that included use of the pool if we wanted it, a free welcome drink in their bar which was really nice and super cheap and they have a cafe on the side of the hostel which served the best breakfast ever and you get 15% off if you’re staying with them. They also do $5 dinners every night which include a beer!


So besides my crazy weekend away, I’ve been mainly in the water or running up and down a beach trying to up my fitness up, drinking countless bottles of gin whilst watching all the American Pie films and basking in the Australian sun with fellow surfers.
Life is sweet across the pond!



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