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Hello all,
I’ve hit the month milestone out here in Oz, gone quick hey!? There’s been a few things that have happened throughout the past few weeks since my last blog post and seeing as I have considerably more time on my hands than usual, I thought I’d be a bit productive with it today and update you folk on what’s been going on here Down Under.


So I think the last time I posted about my goings on, I’d spent my weekend celebrating my birthday in Byron Bay – well since then I’d been carrying on with my usual life of surfing lessons and instructor lessons, I’ve even been assisting on a bunch of lessons which has been awesome. Helping people catch their first waves gives you a massive sense of satisfaction and I was repeatedly reminded on why and how much I want to be a surf instructor, however during one of my morning lessons I fell a little awkwardly off my surfboard in shallow water a landed on my foot in a slightly painful way. I just assumed I’d sprained my foot or ankle because I’d done this before during my barefoot runs. After the pain persisting for a few weeks, my foot swelling to the size of an elephants and the lack of movement I had in my toes (not to mention the limping) I thought it be wise to get it checked out, especially because it wasn’t doing a great job of holding me up on my surfboard for long! After 6 hours in the hospital and 3 X-Rays the doctor diagnosed me with a fracture in my second metatarsal. He found it had to distinguish the type of fracture I had so has booked me in for an MRI scan early next week and an appointment with the fracture clinic. I’m PRAYING it’s only a stress fracture as these can heal pretty quickly but as of Tuesday morning I’ll have some more info on that, so for now I’m rocking around with this space boot doing the absolute minimal which is EXTREMELY boring – especially when I see surfers all day long out on the water.


I wish I could say that that’s it for the negative news but unfortunately not, last week an old childhood friend that used to live around the corner from me past away in a car accident over here in Australia on Fraser Island. Even though our families haven’t seen each other or spoken in years it was still a real shock to hear and filled me with sadness. For my friends and family reading this in the UK, you may have read or heard about it as I think it made the BBC news but I just wanted to mention Jade and send her family lots of love and my thoughts at this difficult time.

Bringing the positivity back, my lovely surfer family have been busy keeping me busy and not letting me get frustrated or miss out on things with my crippled foot! We managed to scramble over to the rock pools across our beach and spent some time chilling in the sunshine, headed into Woolgoolga this morning for the most amazing pancakes and have had PLENTY of movie and pizza nights! We also had a rather entertaining party night on Tuesday as we said goodbye to 2 of our boys in the Academy house (a sad day because our original group of 6 that travelled in from Sydney together is now down to 4!)





Although I don’t know what I would have done without my Australian other half, Rekha. She sat with me in the hospital for 6 days, has piggy backed me around, taken me on early morning walks in the rain, we’ve created sand art together and have made great use of the jet/bath tub with gin & tonics in hand whilst singing to various Disney soundtracks.



I’m also not the only injured surfer on camp, there have been various foot, shoulder and rib injuries lately (which is unusual I promise!) so between us we’ve planned a long day out in Coff’s Harbour on Saturday to see a few movies at the cinema and eat a big fat juicy burger and cheer ourselves up 🙂


I know this post seems a bit blue but all is good this end, even with a massive Velcro boot on my foot. I’ve got amazing people around me, I’m in paradise (even if I can’t surf it!) and I have heaps of time to focus on my swimming now for my upcoming test – so it’s not all bad 🙂
Until next time chaps! ….



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