Australia, please give me back my foot!

I know Australians are lovely, chilled, laid back people but I’m starting to become rather frustrated with the amount it shows in their hospital and health care systems. After going to the hospital last week I was diagnosed with a fracture in my right foot, strapped up and booked in a week later for an MRI scan and appointment with the fracture clinic, a week passed and I was becoming desperate for an answer with what was going on in my foot because I was in pain and more importantly couldn’t surf! Well, after having my MRI scan, the guy taking the photos of my foot casually stopped me as I hopped out the doorway and said “Yeah Miss, I can see a few fractures and some tendon & ligament damage around the toes but thankfully it’s not torn away from your foot but you’ll probably be put in a cast.”
a FEW fractures?! Torn ligaments? A CAST?!?!
Well as you can imagine I was over the moon… I had a few hours to kick back and think about things until I got the official results from my MRI photos back so I tried to think about what I would have to do in a cast and that would be to leave surf camp and pause my instructor programme until I healed up but then I couldn’t exactly travel around with my massive backpack, solo, in a friggin’ cast.
Anyway, a few hours later the guy doing my results greeted me and welcomed me into a room (all the while I’m preparing myself for something unexpected) he told me I had a few fractures, I don’t need surgery but I’d have to come back in on Monday (another 6 days!) to speak to the someone from the fracture clinic. WHAT?!
So I didn’t get my answers, just a form with my appointment details on for next week which also read – “to be x-rayed in plaster” MARVELLOUS! So again, I’m still not quite sure what to expect on Monday, plaster or not but I have spoken to my family and some people at the surf camp and have come up with a few options that I can decide on after I leave the hospital on Monday but one thing is for sure – I’m still smiling & I’m staying in Oz!



  1. 14/11/2014 / 7:44 am

    Come and spend some time in S.A. with the froggy-Parkes x

    • 20/11/2014 / 10:21 pm

      Only just seen your comment Hels! I’m back surfing again now but taking it easy, hopefully I’ll finish in January then maybe I could head over to you!? xx

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