My first Christmas Down Under

Merry Christmas everyone, wherever you are in the world, I hope you’ve had a lovely, festive season celebrating. It’s hard to feel Christmassy in Australia in the heat and sunshine but I wouldn’t change it for the world (this year anyway!)


First things first, I have one New Years resolution – to update my blog more. I promise I’ll keep on with it, especially because I’ll be travelling more in the New Year so that’s what you can expect from me!

December has been a good month over here in Arrawarra, I visited Byron Bay earlier this month (again) with some friends from camp – I can’t get enough of that place, I’ve been really trying to progress with my surfing and have had a couple of tough weeks but I’m learning that that’s the way of life with surfing, it’s constantly a roller coaster of progression, regression and frustration and I decided that it was time for me to start looking for my own surfboard – that way I could make a stronger bond with my surfing and have something to make me love riding waves again.


Well, it’s taken me 2 months but I finally found “The One” on Friday! An 8ft mall and a perfect canvas for me to add my own artwork and personalisation on it, it’s such an awesome feeling, I never thought that I’d be purchasing a surfboard! Next week I’ll be personalising it with an arty/surf friend to make it extra special – which will include a small image of “Mr Bump” which seems appropriate and very relevant to me (especially after having the ambulance called out to me today for a mild concussion! Ooops)




Australia doesn’t seem to be too fussed about celebrating Christmas so we haven’t had many decorations or festive spirits around camp but I received some lovely little packages and Christmas cards in the post from the UK which has been really lovely (so thank you lovely friends) and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying receiving photos from friends and family back home of the English winter, although I’m loving my life out here right now I have been missing familiar faces! Christmas Day was spent surfing (obviously) and curing our Christmas Eve hangovers, followed by an English Christmas dinner which was a nice surprise – it didn’t beat my Mum’s roast potatoes but it was nice to have something homely!
I can’t quite believe it but a week Sunday my 3 month Academy programme ends! I’ll be leaving the Academy house but shortly returning at the end of January to complete my Surf Instructor qualifications and start working which seems really surreal. After leaving camp I’m heading over to Thailand for 2 weeks to meet my Dad & Irma which is EXTREMELY excited about for many many reasons – it’s been a long while since I last saw them both, I’m staying in my own hotel room with a double bed, no more sharing with 10 people for 2 weeks, and just giving my mind and body a complete rest from surfing – refreshing! I also have a number of friends that seem to be in the same place as me at the same time which makes things even better so I’m looking forward to seeing all of their familiar faces as well! Eeeek!


I’ll have a lot more to write about and stories to update you all with in the next few weeks, things are going to start changing quite a bit more now which is exciting.

Enjoy your New Year celebrations – eat, drink and be merry!



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