Thailand’s Hong Islands

For anyone that is planning or has already been to Thailand, I can guarantee that visiting some of Thailand’s symbolic islands is something on top of their list or something they planned to do ASAP. Whether it’s the famous Koh Phi Phi or Koh Samui islands or James Bond Island that tickles your fancy or just taking a boat trip out to discover some of the hundreds of islands that there are in Andaman sea, as a visitor to Thailand you HAVE to discover the beauty that the islands hold.

Prior coming to Thailand I immediately thought of visiting probably the most famous island, Koh Phi Phi, but once reading up on it and hearing different peoples opinions and stories it became pretty clear to me that, of course it is where all the tourists flock to snap their idyllic photographs, go to a Full Moon party and just enjoy “paradise”. A friend I met in Oz (my soon to be roomie!) and her sister are also in Krabi and suggested we take a boat trip to the Hong Islands instead which I was more than happy to do, I just wanted to take some photographs and get my perfect long tail boat photograph that I’d set out to do!
For 1000 baht each which is more or less £20 we had our own private long tail boat with lunch and fresh pineapple – seriously, everything is SO cheap out here! It took around 45 mins to get to our first of four islands and the only word I can use to describe the sights that my eyes took in is magical.


We hopped off the boat and had to walk along a make-shift pier which was basically made of floating plastic jerry cans, it left us all feeling very drunk and stumbling onto the island but once your feet touch the white sand and you start to take in all your surroundings you immediately forget everything else. There were other boats and tourists but no where near as many as I had prepared myself for, it was a really lovely atmosphere and as we began to walk along the beach we saw a green lagoon that turned out to be the perfect spot for snorkelling.



We happily just lazed around and snorkelled for a good hour whilst taking in the scenery that surrounded us!

We jumped back onto the boat and sailed around to the second island which had another lagoon hidden down a passage way between two islands. Here is where I finally managed to get my dream shot of traditional Thai long tail boats against white sand, green water and beautiful foliage in the background! – so happy!

Again there were a couple of other boats but nothing like I had thought there would be, it was just perfect.




After some arty-farty shots and shameless selfies, we hopped back into our boat and were sailed around to island number three. The beach on this island had the ocean on both sides of it but was also surrounded by rocks and rocky archways which made it really fun to snorkel around.





Last but not least we approached island number four. This island had more of a jungle feel on it, it was a lot smaller and oddly had loads of cats roaming around it. We later found out that people used to actually live on this remote island up until about 3 years ago and unfortunately hadn’t taken all their rubbish and waste with them so the island was the filthiest of the four but if you pushed past the tucked away garbage you found a beautiful but small jungle, leading to a hidden beach.
Back around the front of the island was just as beautiful as the previous three and actually the best one to snorkel around. Again their were plenty of rocks and coves but the water was crystal clear and we saw some pretty large fish too! There was also a few jellies around that gave me a sting but thankfully after surfing in Australia for 3 months I’ve become quite used to them!




We posed for the tree swing and came to realise that we were the only boat left on the island, it was so quiet and peaceful and just everything that you wouldn’t get by visiting the larger and more popular islands.


All in all, for anyone wanting to do some island hopping I would thoroughly recommend the Hong Islands or any islands for that matter. Don’t knock them because they’re not Koh Phi Phi or James Bond island, you’ll actually have a more peaceful experience by not visiting the famous ones and the price will probably be significantly cheaper. Travelling to the Hong Islands you also pass a lot of smaller islands, at one point they are just everywhere and you feel like you’re in a scene from Avatar, surrounded by their planet Pandora! 🙂

Ciao for now!



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