Phillip Island’s Nature & Wildlife in photographs.

If you’re visiting Victoria on your Australian trip then be sure to make time for a day trip to Phillip Island, an Island known for its beautiful landscapes and some Australian wildlife including the penguin parade. I’ve decided to post more photos on this post rather than me typing a bunch of words trying to describe the beauty of the place, I wouldn’t be able to do it justice and you can just see for yourself – so here is my day on Phillip Island through my cameras lens! IMG_0644 I spent my Thursday last week on a day trip to Phillip Island with a friend and the tour included a real packed out day, we started by visiting a wildlife park where I got to see a bunch of wildlife I hadn’t come across yet here in Australia including my first koala bear! The park was pretty small and we only stopped off here for an hour or so but it was a great place to get up close to some of the country’s famous animals, feeding and getting a selfie or two with them! IMG_0652 IMG_0653IMG_0645IMG_0654 IMG_0655 IMG_0656 IMG_0657 We made a few quick stops to some points of interest on the way to the Island, including a chocolate factory (which had the most amazing chocolate milkshake and truffles!) and to a Grand Prix circuit but they were so quick I barely had time to take any photographs but we did stop at Swan Lake – a nature park that we actually got to photograph and were able to stretch our legs on walking down the boardwalks. I’m not quite sure why we stopped here, it was very much hidden from any other signs of life but it was beautiful none of the less and a nice peaceful place to enjoy before we hit the big tourist spot. IMG_0660 IMG_0661 IMG_0662 IMG_0663 After spending a significant part of our day on the bus, we started making our way towards Phillip Island. The island was so beautiful, walking around the boardwalks you could spot some of the Penguins hiding away in their little burrows. For those that haven’t heard of Phillip Islands Penguin Parade it’s a beautiful encounter you can have watching the little penguins return from a days fishing in the sea at sunset and returning to their homes for the evening. We weren’t actually allowed to take any sort of photography once we were sat on the beach but you can check out their photos online here It’s worth bringing layers of clothing and maybe even a blanket or two because you’re sat on the beach, watching the sunset and it can get rather chilly! Not long after the sun goes down, a few little penguins start to appear – when I say “little” I mean little, these guys are only 40cm tall! to check the coast is clear and tell their groups they can leave the water. They started to waddle across the beach in groups and before you know it you’re seeing hundreds of little penguins waddling across the beach, tripping over each other and scrambling up the rocks. You can also walk back up the boardwalks and join the Penguins on their walk home which was pretty sweet 🙂 It’s a long 12 hour day but it’s definitely worth adding to your itinerary to see some of Australia’s southern coastal route and some wildlife! P1040211 P1040217 P1040226 IMG_0670 P1040220


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