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Melbourne – what an awesome City, it’s got so much to do and see and has a really big art culture which is something that I particularly enjoyed there and there’s always something going on like the St Kilda Festival we went too at the weekend, I’ve met some really awesome people at the most random times and of course – it has good coffee. However, despite my plans to come to Melbourne and find some work with my girl friends from surf camp, it’s become very apparent to me that I’m not a City girl anymore. I spent 4 years of my life constantly working, commuting and living in London – so you think I’d be used to City life right? Wrong. I even felt at the end of my time on camp that I needed to be around some civilisation because we’d been so isolated for 3 months but as soon as I got to Melbourne I felt really lost in such a big place.


A little surfer girl lost in a big City.
I had been so welcomed into the City by my Couch Surfing host who showed me some amazing parts of Melbourne, I spent the best part of a week exploring the City alone and applying for jobs, spent my second week in Melbourne with a friend who stopped in the City for a five days and did some trips and tourist related things and have been welcomed into another awesome Couch Surfing house full of dreadlocks, in-scents and a talking parrot so my time here has been spent well but there was always something in the back of my head from the day I arrived here that I didn’t feel comfortable being in such a big built up, busy place and I was craving the ocean!


Thankfully I was reunited with Anne and have been staying with her since the weekend and she felt completely the same. Two days of extreme sunshine hit Melbourne in the last week and we found ourselves laying on St Kilda’s beach just so we could be near water, we felt so much more at home! The work opportunities around Melbourne are almost non existent since the Christmas season ended, we have to travel over an hour away to surf which isn’t easy when you have to get an 8ft surfboard on a train and I think we both just felt like we weren’t meant to stay there,nothing wanted to keep us in Melbs and we just didn’t feel like we’d found our place! So, we got thinking and figured that our main priority was being able to surf when we wanted to, we also didn’t want to be in big, busy places for too long and farm work was a thought on my brain for some cash and it was a job we could do causally and not get tied down to doing and this. Basically we needed to be on the road! So let me introduce to you our new home, and way of travel for the next however long!




We spent a significant amount of time researching vans and viewing them and thankfully had the help of a mans knowledge from the guys we’ve been staying with and finally found The One. I know we’re going to have some awesome times and adventures in our little van and I feel so proud and accomplished that we took the decision to do this and managed to do it alone! I’m sure the first thing we’re going to do is hit the road, straight to the beach and then we’ll see where the wind takes us 🙂


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