My Month in Torquay

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I first arrived here in Torquay and a month since I last posted to my blog! Torquay has felt like home for the last 5+ weeks, Anne’s been working heaps and although I haven’t been lucky enough to find work down here, I feel like I’ve been on holiday for a long while, refreshing my mind and body, surfing every day and enjoying the company of others. It’s been difficult not hearing back from job applications and trials but a part of me thinks that maybe I’ve needed a little break from it all, after all everything happens for a reason right?! Staying in a backpackers you expect people to come and go, not getting to meet absolutely everyone that shows up and sometimes not getting enough time with people but there have been some people that have stuck around for as long as me and Anne – if not longer! So we’ve become quite a family spending our days and evenings together. We spent a week each cooking for each other which is always heaps of fun and it’s also great because you don’t have to cook every night of the week but it became very competitive, especially after someone decided to dish up a roast dinner! What a treat! We wake up early to surf every day together, have BBQ evenings, drink and be merry, spend time on the beach, checking out new beaches to surf, running along the Surf Coast etc – I’m beginning to feel like a real lady of leisure!

Daz cooked up a storm with his epic roast dinner!

Daz cooked up a storm with his epic roast dinner!

Anne and some of her colleagues invited us to a small music festival in one of the villages here on the Surf Coast a few weeks ago, not a lot tends to go on in these small places so this annual music festival was absolutely rammed with locals and good music and we were reminded of the beauty of our campervan as it stepped in a provided us a place to stay for the night after we drank too much AND it was right on the door step of the pub! 😉 No more worrying about getting a ride home when you have a campervan! Last week myself and three of the guys staying in the backpackers decided to take a spontaneous road trip down the Great Ocean Road to Kennett River with the intention to spot some Koala’s in the wild. None of the guys had seen any of the Great Ocean Road before and we crammed into Oscar’s (almost classic) Volvo which made an epic mode of transport for our day out. We spent a few hours driving along the coast stopping off in Lorne and the boys in the back made the most of the trip by stocking up with a crate of beer for themselves – All I can say is that it made our road trip a WHOLE lot more interesting! Haha. We reached Kennett River within a few hours and found the Koala’s straight away, chilling in the trees looking all cute and cuddly and even there were even some friendly parrots flying around 🙂

Another spontaneous evening last week arose after Anne introduced one of her colleagues to us at the backpackers and he invited us to his apartment that evening for a few beers in his hot tub, OBVIOUSLY being backpackers we jumped at the chance of any sign of luxury in our lives and made our way to his address later on that evening. It was a really cold evening and a little bit of a walk but as we got closer to the address he had given us, we realised that he lived in a hotel. (Which we later found out had Metallica and One Direction in the previous week) SCORE! Ben came and met us at the reception and took us to the apartment he was living in which happened to be the Hotel Developer’s place, so he literally had the best room in the house. We walked past two outdoors swimming pools, an indoor pool and spa and up into his apartment where there were floor to ceiling windows on either side of the place so you could see both sunrise and sunset complete with a hot tub on the balcony! Torquay has been my spot for the last month where I’ve found home comforts, made amazing friends, had great surf and more memories but now it’s time for me too move on before I become too comfortable. This means me and my Wifey, Anne will be splitting up at least for a while which were both pretty sad about 🙁 but once my Mum & Step Dad arrive on three weeks, I’ll be spending two weeks with them travelling up the East Coast before I start my 3 months farm work. I guess it’s all apart of the travelling lifestyle and I know I’ll see her up North again soon when she moves up to the heat that Torquay is lacking right now! Easter Weekend will be my last weekend here and what better way to spend it than at the Bells Beach Ripcurl Pro Surfing Comp!? Expect heaps of surfing photos in the next few weeks 🙂 Ciao for now!


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