Heaven on Earth – The Whitsunday Islands.

When I die, I pray that heaven is the Whitsunday Islands, because that’s what it certainly felt like when I took a trip there with my Mum on the Big Fury tour! I’d seen heaps of images, photos and programmes on the famous white sands and turquoise waters but none of them do the place any justice, I don’t think I’ve ever even dreamed of anywhere so beautiful let alone been somewhere like it. True, The Hong Islands I went to in Thailand were breathtaking and beautiful but there’s something about Australia that gives every place in the country some Australian charm – maybe it’s the pride they take upon their Country that keeps nature at its finest and clean and untouched, or just the friendly Australian energy that beams out of people. Whatever it is it’s magical and it shines bright!

Airlie Beach is the gateway to the Whitsunday’s and there’s heaps of different boat trips and tours that you can take, we decided to take a day trip one out because my Mum & Step Dad are only here for a few weeks for we’ve got a scheduled route for the Coast but it didn’t disappoint! Big Fury are a pretty small company but they provided us with such an awesome day, our guide Braiden was full of charisma and knowledge of the Barrier Reef National Park and made us an amazing lunch on Whitehaven beach and offered his photography skills to everyone to make sure they got the photos that they wanted.

Mum taking a dip in paradise!

It took around 45 minutes to get to the islands and we went straight to the famous Whitehaven Beach where the whitest sand and bluest waters meet! We spent a good few hours there soaking up the sun, eating fresh fruit, seafood and salad and took a short bush walk on the island up to the lookout. I even got dragged into a game of tag footy with a group of Aussie guys looking for 5 girls to be on their team in order to win a task set for them, it took a small bit of convincing but once they offered beer in return I was pretty game! The whole time I spent on the island with my Mum, we kept repeating to ourselves I can’t believe we’re here, this isn’t real. How can anything look like this?! And to top it all off the Islands are absolutely swarming with big, colourful, beautiful butterflies – they were everywhere!

Once we got back onto the boat we took off around the south of the islands and moored up in a small cove where we jumped out and did some snorkelling. I jumped straight into my stinger suit – a suit designed to stop jellyfish stings! put my flippers and mask on and jumped straight into the water! My Mum on the other hand, was a little more nervous and I didn’t even think how daunting it can be for people to jump off a boat into the middle of the ocean – especially when they haven’t been in that environment for a while! But I’m very proud to say that she gave it a go and actually managed to snorkel around most of the reef, there were times she felt uneasy but she powered on through and couldn’t believe what she was seeing under the water 🙂

Whitehaven Beach

The mini bush walk through the island that takes you up to the lookout

The Whitesunday Islands were on my bucket list from day 1 so I was feeling overwhelmed for a good few days that I’d finally got to experience it and see somewhere so heavenly and magical and best of all I got to share it with my Mum 🙂 She’s now seen a small snippet of Australia and can appreciate why I’m so happy over here and experiencing the Australian lifestyle.


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