When life gives you lemons….. sort them!

The title of this post isn’t exactly what you think, it’s not based on my life throwing lemons at me right now, it’s actually what I’ve been doing for the past month here in Bundaberg – working on a lemon farm! It’s literal! 

So, where am I and why am I sorting lemons I hear you ask!? Well, I’m up in Queensland along the East Coast of Australia in a little, very vanilla town called Bundaberg. As most of you probably know I’m currently doing my 3 months regional work so that I can apply for my second year visa out here in Australia and a very common way for backpackers to go about this is to find farm work.

One of the finer things in Bundy!

Bundaberg is well known to backpackers out here because all it generally has to offer is farm work, there are a couple of working hostels that seem to always be full here and apart from a couple of coffee shops and a nightclub, there isn’t a great deal to do here! Probably a good thing for people like me who are trying to save money but you can understand why it has it’s nickname, Bundashit. I was fortunate enough to get the best farm job in Bundaberg, a lot of farms pay you by the bucket which isn’t a great deal of money and others pay you hourly but don’t necessarily give you a decent amount of hours which can make it hard to save and pay for the extortionate, weekly rent rates. Luckily, I have an hourly paid job and a whole load of hours to work each day and 7 days a week so it’s becoming easier for me to save some money although the job itself is painstakingly mind numbing, I can’t actually complain! I also work with an awesome bunch of people which I think takes away the reminder that my brain dies a little every day from lack of mind stimulation, I literally stare at lemons and oranges all day everyday, standing in the same spot for 11 hours, deciding what grade I should put the fruit into, but my new friends here make it worth it! It’s the first time I’ve come across so many English people in one place since I’ve been travelling out here so it kind of has a homely feeling. I’ve desperately missed having girl company and now I’m surrounded by a bunch of beauties that never fail to amuse me everyday and with the limited amount of spare time that we get, we sure as hell make the most of it!

Yes, that is a guy wearing a dress at the back. More about that below!

Yes, that is a guy wearing a dress at the back. More about that below!

There have been a number of boozy nights out during the past month I’ve been here in Bundy but last weekend was something else. Seeing as most of the farm workers were off and there was camel racing being advertised at Bundaberg’s race track, we took the opportunity to check it out. Plastered all over the posters was Ladies Day, us girls didn’t really fancy dressing up too much – being backpackers we’re limited on clothes and plus it’s Bundaberg… The boys however, seized the opportunity to dress to their best….

It's not everyday you see a drunk, cross dressing guy riding a camel!

It’s not everyday you see a drunk, cross dressing guy riding a camel!

It was all a bit of a random day, watching camels race with guys dressed as girls, filled to the brim with alcohol and jumping down an inflatable slide and reliving childhood memories by eating candy floss off of a stick. Even after we had left the race track we continued over to the park where one of the girls at the hostel was celebrating her birthday with a BBQ and we continued the chaos by dancing on the tables for 5 hours which resulted in a number of injuries – surprisingly NOT me this time!

So although it goes by the name of Bundashit and the farm work I’m facing every day is the most tedious thing I’ve ever done, I’m actually having a great time without the sun, sea and sand. It’s starting to sink in that this is the last leg of my journey in Australia and that once I’m finished here in Bundaberg, I won’t be coming back to Oz until probably next year depending on what happens but that’s all being thought about and planned in the making!

Let the laughter continue!


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