For my dear friend, Aaron.

For my dear friend, Aaron.


It’s been two whole years since I last saw your face
The pain never eases
Although I know you’re watching from a better place

You’ve become my inspiration to make the most of my life
To live and love each and every moment
And to release any strife

There are quite a few certain times I struggle without you around
Times you need your best friend
Times you want to bury your head underground

But every now and then I hear your voice in my head
Giving me your treasured advice
And every time I know exactly what you would have said

“Girl, go and live your life”
Those were your last ever words to me
And that’s exactly what I’ve gone and done
And I know it’s something you’d be proud to see

For you are my friend, my inspiration, my white butterfly
I never have and will never know anyone like you, Aaron
You were just a one in a million guy

Everyone you met has your imprint on their heart
We’ll always live in your memory and feel your spirit around us
Although now we’re so far apart

I’ll always save a thought for you, forever everyday
We all love and miss you Aaron Morgan
Thank you for your friendship and your memories. Forever they will stay



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