Goodbye for a small while Australia – USA and the UK, it’s almost time!

Goodbye for a small while Australia – USA and the UK, it’s almost time!

The last time I updated you all about my travels, I had just got to Bundaberg in Queensland where I had started my 3 months farm work in order to apply for my second year in Australia – well believe it or not that 3 months it’s almost up! Time is FLYING past! 


Bundaberg had the best sunsets.

As you can imagine I am over the moon to be finishing farm work in the next 9 days, it’s completely taken its toll on my body and my mind, living in Bundaberg hasn’t been the highlight of my year in Australia either and I think it’s safe to say that farm life for me in a lemon packing shed isn’t going to be in my future career aspects but it does mean that I can come back to Australia for another year so it’s all been COMPLETELY worth it!

I may have mentioned before that Bundaberg doesn’t have a lot to offer, it’s a small farming town with a small but mildly decent shopping highstreet and is made up of backpackers and farming locals so as you can imagine, there hasn’t been a great deal of things to do! On the plus side, I’ve had heaps of working hours which has put me in a much better financial situation and have had 1000’s of seconds, minutes and hours to think about EVERYTHING. – and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING, I’ve practically planned out my next year of travels, my plan for when I get back to the UK, future blog posts and it’s even gone so far as my wedding day! (Not that that’s anywhere in the pipeline, I need a boyfriend first!) It’s also given me time to reflect on that past few years, the reasons I came travelling, issues I was having to deal with at home and in my mind and it’s completely reintroduced me back to my emotions – which is a good thing! I feel like I have faced issues and emotions that I have needed too and it’s left me feeling even more free. I have to also mention my roommates sisters that I’ve met here and spent all my hours and days with, we’ve all had a bit of an emotional roller coaster here in Bundy but they made the grey days so much brighter! I can’t even anticipate what saying goodbye to them is going to be like but we have plans for 2016 so it’s only a temporary goodbye 🙂

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So what’s the plan once I leave Bundaberg I hear you ask?! Well, once I set off from Bundaberg I head straight to Brisbane’s airport which is a bit of a touchy subject because I’m leaving Australia for the time being and I have EXTREMELY mixed emotions about it. I know that my farm work had to be done and I’m grateful for managing to get onto a farm with decent working hours and a decent wage but it’s meant that I’ve spent my last 3 months here tied down to one place which has been quite difficult because I’ve been constantly moving around and seeing new and beautiful things up until now. (Plus I haven’t been able to surf!) However, it’s not all bad because I’m flying over the America, Florida actually to catch up with my family on a pre-planned family holiday to Disney 🙂 Most of which I haven’t seen in almost a year and I’m stoked that all 6 of my nephews and nieces (who are growing RAPIDLY) are going to experience Disney World! The sun will be shining, I’ll be in the presence of 14 family members, I’ll hopefully catch some waves and I get to meet Mickey Mouse so you can expect heaps of blog posts from America!

After 2 weeks of family quality time I’m heading back home with the fam for a few months, probably until the New Year until I decide where I’m jetting off to next. I have a few plans lined up with some Bundy friends which is exciting, and I have 2 weeks to look forward to in January seeing Dad & Irma in South Africa which would have been a year since I saw them in Thailand – I told you, time FLYS! I’m super excited to see my friends back home and enjoy some home comforts for a while I can’t actually believe that I’ve been away for a year and that I still haven’t managed to do all the things and go to all the places that I’d planned too, there’s just SO much! It’s nerve racking to think what I’m going to be like when I’m home, how I’m going to handle being in my ‘old life’ again, how different people think I am now and what my perspective is on life back home. Backpacking has seriously changed me, if you haven’t read my blog post about that you can check it out here 🙂

That’s all from me for now, I’m going to get through the next week and prepare myself to get back on the road again before I head home. I’ll be posting heaps of stuff once I’m home about Australia and America but you can follow my journey on Instagram in the mean time 🙂

Ciao for now!



  1. 12/08/2015 / 4:35 am

    Great to read this Hana…have a great time in America and look forward to reading more about your travels.Love Julie x

  2. 08/10/2015 / 4:47 am

    Have a great time in US and UK. Enjoy the moments. Will be watching the posts for nice insights.

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