My first ever Business Class experience!

My first ever Business Class experience!

Ever flown Business Class? Someone of you may have and some of you may have been lucky enough to have more than once – but do you remember that first experience!? I flew Business Class for the first time (and probably the last!) when I flew home back to the UK from America, after my year of travelling. – By far the best end to the best year!  

Unfortunately I wasn’t one of those lucky people who get to the check in desk and are told that they’ve been upgraded BUT I did get to fly in luxury at a reasonable price! Aer Lingus emailed me a few weeks before I flew with them with a bidding offer on Business Class seats, you basically put a bid in and if they decide to except it then that’s it, you get bumped up! I never have luck on my side with these types of things but I thought I’d be cheeky and put the lowest bid possible in and a few days later it got accepted – yeeeeeeew!!

And what a marvellous experience it was! I was looked after from the moment I reached the check in desk – I walked straight up the Business Class lane in trainers with my backpacker weighing me down and my skateboard under my arm, I wasn’t sure how I was going to travel with my skate board but seeing as I was now a “High Flyer” the lady checked it in for me free of charge! I then marched off to the Business Class lounge before boarding my flight where I was greeted with a menu and constantly being topped up with champagne – not a bad start to a long journey! 

About my third glass of champagne with a three course menu – very suave!

I had such a spacious area to myself with all sorts of cubby holes and gadgets that I start to explore it all straight away – and dive into the gift/wash bag, OBVIOUSLY!  I had an insane amount of leg room, my little legs couldn’t even reach the designated footwell but then I found these fun looking buttons!

Yeah that’s right – a MASSAGE setting!

Not only could I move my seat forwards to reach the footwell, I had the option of mood lighting, turning my seat into a bed AND be able to switch on the massage setting so yes, I slept well from America to Dublin! On top of my awesome chair which I tried to leave as little as possible, I also received a three course meal on a table with a tablecloth on plates made of china! – it’s the simple things that I love!

First I was bought sushi appetisers, with more champagne. Followed by my starter, with more champagne. My main and dessert which I didn’t actually photograph because my tummy was ahead of my brain, and probably because of the champagne. The staff were constantly making sure that I was comfortable and having friendly conversation and banter, I actually had fun flying with them alongside all the luxurious benefits. They even dug out a duvet for me instead of a blanket to tuck me into my bed! Haha!


Flying Business Class is and was a really special experience, especially after I’d spent a year slumming it in Australia with absolutely no luxury. I know it’s not in everyones budget and I highly doubt that I’ll ever be lucky enough to fly in such luxury again but that’s what made it all that more special to me 🙂 Along with the awesome staff at Aer Lingus!

You can also check out my airline reviews here, the list is always being updated as I travel and I’d love to hear about other peoples personal experiences! 🙂




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