The ‘build up’ feeling. My first trip of 2016!

The ‘build up’ feeling. My first trip of 2016!

One of the most exciting things about travelling, whether it’s for a life changing trip or just a holiday, is the build up. The build up to my year long trip was uncontrollably exciting, preparing to move from place to place in the middle of my travels, packing up my backpack over and over and making sure I had everything seemed more of thrill than a chore and now it’s come to my realisation that I’m flying in less than a months time to South Africa to see my Dad and (Step-Mum, I hate that word!) Irma so that ‘preparation to travel feeling’ is upon me!

I’ve always been an organised person, I like to know that I’ve got all the vital things I need and that I won’t end up in some sort of pickle at the most inconvenient time, especially en-route but I also know not to pack unnecessary crap! Unfortunately, because of work commitments I’m only able to fly out for a week which means I barely need to think about what I’m packing but seeing as my Packing; My Top 5’s post is one of the most read posts on my blog with readers and fellow travellers, I thought I’d create a mini packing update for a mini trip!

My wetsuit – this is my priority, if I forget my wetsuit then all hell will break loose because I haven’t been in the surf since May! It’s a sensitive subject but catching waves when I’m in South Africa is a MUST.

SPF – Lets face it, I wasn’t going to keep my Aussie tan for very long once I got back home, especially as I came back at the very beginning of the loooong winter months. Saying that, my torso is surprisingly still rather olive considering I’ve worn nothing but layers these past few months, but my face is in desperate need of some vitamin D so I’ll be absorbing that as much as possible!

Go-Pro Hero+ – Yes! It’s finally happened, I got around (with the help of Christmas) to purchasing a Go pro so expect lots of photos of sun, surf, motorbikes and mountains and maybe even an attempt at a video summary of my trip!

Along side these of course I’ll be digging out my summer clothes stash and the essentials but quite frankly, I’m not going to stress about packing. Never have, never will! The thought of the 12 hour flight is actually exciting for me, I like knowing that I’m going far, far away to the bottom corner of a continent and I get to travel out there with my brother which is rare, in fact I think this is only the second time for us! – I’m not sure he’s so stoked for it because the first (and last time) we flew there together I actually managed to sleep through the whole 12 hour flight, with awful turbulence and a thunderstorm. What can I say, I’m used to travelling alone!

Well, it’s been a whole year since I saw Dad and Irma in Thailand so I’m excited to catch up, chill out and eat good food with them and have some quality family time – something I’ve learnt to really appreciate since travelling.



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  1. 08/02/2016 / 1:18 pm

    I entirely understand this feeling! I love the anticipation of a trip, but I’m not so great at being “in the moment” when the event actually happens because I’m so busy planning the next phase in my head. I wish I could turn off the multitasking switch in my head sometimes!

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