My Top 4 (less touristy) Things To Do in Cape Town

My Top 4 (less touristy) Things To Do in Cape Town

Having been lucky enough to have visited South Africa a number of times, Cape Town has started to feel like a familiar, homely place to me. There’s the obvious Tourist Must Do’s in the beautiful city like taking a cable car up to the top of Table Mountain, visiting Robben Island, booking an open top Red Bus Tour and going to the City’s Waterfront but it’s always nice to try different things each time I go and explore a bit more of what Cape Town has to offer. If you’re looking to take a break from major tourist attractions here are my top 4 things you should definitely  do when visiting – I managed to cram all of these into about 4 days too so there’s no excuse!

Drive Along the Chapmans Peak Road – If you have a car when you’re visiting Cape Town this is a MUST. Narrow and bendy mountain roads take you along the coast with absolutely stunning views! There are plenty of view point stops that you can pull into and stop to look at the landscape and if you don’t have enough time in the day to take the full route you can shorten it and still see South Africa’s beauty. If you don’t have a car then it’s worth looking into the Red Top Bus routes because they cover a part of the Chapmans Peak Road 🙂



Book a table at Stardust in Woodstock – If you fancy an alternative diner, nice cocktails and a good laugh then make sure you book a table at Stardust! It’s in Cape Town’s suburb of Woodstock which is a short and cheap ride away, especially if you use Uber! It’s a theatrical dining experience so basically the waiters & waitresses are the performers as well as your servers, it has a cabaret feel about it with each performer taking the stage one by one in between courses being served but each individual had their own talent that they brought to the stage – singing, rapping, dancing, belly dancing, clarinet playing and even opera singing! It sounds very vast in terms of entertainment choices but I promise that it’s worth every minute! The performers interact with the audience a lot and trust me, after your fourth cocktail you’ll be raring to get up on the tables and dance!

Paraglide of Signal Hill – obviously I had to incorporate something with an adrenalin rush into my South Africa trip and this was pretty tame and relaxing compared to the Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jump I did and Cage Diving with Great White Sharks (I should probably share my experiences on my blog actually!) Signal Hill stands next to Table Mountain and looks over the whole City so if you fancy seeing Cape Town from another angle then this one is for you! It all happens rather quickly, from the point of being harnessed to your Paragliding professional to the sprint you have to take to the steep drop off the hill for take off – but it’s all so calming. There’s no horrible, intense drop you just start floating around like a cloud and taking in the sights from birds eye view whilst your tandem partner steers you around and along to the beach front where you land. Beautiful!



Dine the tasting menu at La Mouette – Another foodie related option, booka table at the restaurant La Mouette! I cannot recommend this place enough, it’s one of Cape Town’s finer restaurants and has a beautiful setting. We sat outside in their courtyard/garden with a centre piece water fountain and lights wrapped around all the trees and fencing – very romantic! They have their regular menu and their tasting menu which is what we went for with the option of wine tasting (obviously) accompanying your specific dish. Each dish is smaller than a regular dish you would normally order in the restaurant but that’s good because you have around six to seven courses and my goodness, they are divine!  They range across meat, fish and veg but each dish is matched so perfectly with weird and wonderful flavours that your mouth just explodes – and then with each wine picked carefully for each dish well, what can I say? If it sounds too out of your budget or too fancy for you don’t worry, it worked out with the current Rand to Pound currency at around £30 a head – not bad eh!?



So there’s plenty of other alternative things to do in Cape Town other than the regular things you find in the Guide Books – got anything else to add?! I’d love to hear 🙂


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  1. 17/02/2016 / 10:42 am

    Wow,your pictures are so cool!The tips,also,extremely useful and fun,I truly hope to experiment this one day,too,since I’m kind of obssesed with travelling and love discovering new places!❤️

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