Food For Thought – A Bit of Self Discovery Comes with Travelling.

Food For Thought – A Bit of Self Discovery Comes with Travelling.

When people plan a trip whether it be a short term or a long term trip they do it under the intention of exploring what our world has to offer while they can, to meet new and interesting people and to experience things that they’ve never experienced before. Some people may also want to find themselves and have a spiritual experience within themselves and with the world, whether your intentions are to experience some self discovery or not when you travel, it will happen and my goodness it’s great! If you want to read more about what becoming a backpacker has done to me you can do so here. But this post is purely focused on a something I came across on another travel blog that I wanted to share with you all to help keep you motivated and inspired in every day life but especially for when or if you’re travelling.I came across these 7 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Everyday when I was reading through a bunch of travel blogs that I follow, this particular post is from a travel blog called Seagirll and I seemed to stumble across it at just the right time as the blogging course I’m working on at the moment had asked me to find a particular post that inspired me and that I could relate too. Perfect!

I think everyone, some more often than others, needs to take a minute for themselves and have more awareness on how they’re actually feeling and just ponder on it for a minute or two. It can do you the world of good, especially when you start aiming more positivity and kindness at yourself like the 7 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Everyday mentions to do so.

Everyone experiences hard times in their own personal way, there’s no competition on who has been through the worst and most difficult experience – it’s personal to each person. Meditation has become something that I absolutely swear by and make sure that I use at least twice a day, it became important to me to start taking time to let my mind replenish and catch up with itself and now it’s literally become a ritual in my everyday life for the past couple of years. There’s a particular app that I love at the moment called Stop, Breathe & Think and there’s a meditation called The Commonality of Suffering which focuses on your personal type of suffering and how no one’s suffering beats anothers – it’s worth listening to for some focus and perspective.  You know that saying,’what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger‘? As cheesy as it sounds, it’s very true and because of my personal experiences and my choice to travel during and after my difficult time I can relate to each and every one of these 7 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Everyday;

  1. I believe in my dreams
  2. I am doing my best every day
  3. I love myself for who I am
  4. I am in charge of my own happiness
  5. I accept 100% responsibility for my own life
  6. The best is yet to come
  7. I am grateful for every day

Whether or not you can relate to one of these, a couple or all of them then you’re on the right track 🙂 check out Seagirll’s full post here for more depth of each affirmation and see which you can relate to and which you might like to focus on. I had to take the time out to share this post on my blog because I think it’s very important for people to take care of themselves and their minds and it’s a read that has stuck with me! 🙂 Enjoy.


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