10 reasons you’ll fall in love with Australia. Reason#2

10 reasons you’ll fall in love with Australia. Reason#2

It’s time for week two of my feature post and Reason #2 out of 10 why you’ll fall in love with Australia.

And after trawling through all my photos from my travels it’s come to my attention that there are so many shots that I haven’t shared and of course, behind every photograph there’s a story so, I’ve decided to share one a week and create a little collection that’ll show you exactly; 10 reasons you’ll fall in love with Australia. Enjoy!

Reason #2


The sunsets!

One of my favourite things about Australia was how often you would catch a beautiful sunset and how you’ll never tire of them. I could come out of a 12 hour shift in a lemon factory where I wouldn’t barely see any daylight and be greeted by a bright orange sky as the sun started to set, and it made my day completely worth while. You could be strolling back from a grocery shop and witness one of Australia’s beautiful sunsets but the best one’s that I came across was when I spent some time in Byron Bay. Byron never failed to deliver a gorgeous end to the day, you can sit on the beach and watch it go down whilst the locals start to gather and play their instruments together but this particular photo was taken on my walk back from Byron Bay Lighthouse on Watergoes Beach. Everything was a silhouette with a glow of orange and purple across the ocean. One of the best.

Byron Bay is place of calm and full of mindfulness, I gathered a lot of my thoughts when I was staying here and reflected on what becoming a backpacker had done to me. You can read about here.


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  1. 28/05/2016 / 4:06 am

    Absolutely true. Our sunsets (and sunrises) are pretty spectacular. Especially over the ocean and outback.

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