10 reasons you’ll fall in love with Australia Reason#3

10 reasons you’ll fall in love with Australia Reason#3

It’s time for week three of my feature post and Reason #3 out of 10 why you’ll fall in love with Australia.

And after trawling through all my photos from my travels it’s come to my attention that there are so many shots that I haven’t shared and of course, behind every photograph there’s a story so, I’ve decided to share one a week and create a little collection that’ll show you exactly; 10 reasons you’ll fall in love with Australia. Enjoy!

Reason #3


Cockatoo’s are the equivalent to English pigeons!

Well that’s not strictly true, pigeons are scavengers and pests in the UK and I would hardly call cockatoo’s pests, but to a lot of Aussie’s they are! They’re an extremely common sighting in Australia especially when I was living in Victoria. I took this when I was visiting Lorne on The Great Ocean Road, some friends and I that were all currently living in Torquay at the time decided to take a spontaneous road trip down the Coast. We’d stopped off in Lorne for a bite to eat and as soon as our order of chips were bought out to the table we were swarmed and surrounded by these food stealing beauties! There were signs out side the restaurants asking people; PLEASE DONT FEED THE COCKATOO’S but much to their dismay, they seemed more of attraction to other travellers and tourists!

You can read more about living in Torquay here.


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