Home Sweet Home. My little corner in The United Kingdom.

Home Sweet Home. My little corner in The United Kingdom.

I’ve always been keen to share my adventures and my photographs of where I am in the world but I’ve never actually taken the chance to introduce my roots and where I’m from which brings us to a small corner of the U.K, Kent.

Kent is also known as The Garden of England and I’m from a little village that reflects that name. I’ve lived here since I was really young, so I guess I’m a country girl at heart – but I’d pick a beach with some surf any day! Where I live exactly is a traditional English village, full of greenery, oast houses and some wonky looking cottages. There’s also a couple of traditional English pubs which rake in people from a far, they’re pretty renowned and they surround the village green so the pub gardens are put to good use when the sun makes an appearance!


It’s a beautiful little place and is surrounded by The Downs which is mainly farmland but it means it has lots of nice routes for walking, running and cycling which is a bonus! When I was working in London, I actually chose to commute every day as apposed to move into the City because it’s SO much more peaceful here and for a pretty short commute it’s definitely worth it for the sense of leaving the busy City after a long day at work!


The next village is also home to the world famous, Leeds Castle which is a stunning to place to visit if you’re ever visiting Kent or London. You can pack up a picnic, explore the castle and even get lost in a maze which is pretty awesome! If you travel to the other side of my village, you end up in the town of Maidstone.

Maidstone is pretty infamous for the amount of chavs and hobo looking people that roam the high street begging for money, it has £1 shops and charity shops which are forever changing because they keep going bust, a one way system that makes every driver want to kill one another and there’s the one end of town that is packed with fast food restaurants – where the more unpleasant people seem to hang out. However, Maidstone is where I went to school and where I worked whilst I was in school, it’s seen me stumbling out of nightclubs and doing stupid things and it’s also pretty good for shopping but if I had to sum up Maidstone in one word it would have to be random. This word completely depicts the town, you’ll always see something out of the ordinary when you walk down the high street, something unexpected, something that gets heads turning and probably something that disgusts you as well but  because I grew up here and have a lot of my teenage memories here, this place has a little place in my heart.

Coincidentally, whilst I’ve been drafting out this blog post to share with you all my home town, an old friend of mine has also been writing about Maidstone. My old buddy Dan has been writing and recording his own music ever since I’ve known him (You can check out his You Tube page here) and he’s written and recorded a song all about our home town, Maidstone which is due to be broadcasted soon on the radio. I’ve included his video below because he completely captures Maidstone’s atmosphere in his lyrics, all I do is smile and laugh when I’m listening to it because it’s a spot on description of the place – he’s actually filmed his music video in Maidstone too so you can get a real feel of the town! I thought it would be the perfect ending to a post about where I grew up – enjoy!






  1. 08/04/2016 / 12:50 pm

    Thanks for taking us to such an amazing trip to your roots!

    • 08/04/2016 / 6:18 pm

      Ah you’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 thank you!

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