My “Must-Do” mini guide to Cyprus.

My “Must-Do” mini guide to Cyprus.

Summer is meant to be made the most of and the Summer of 2016 has been an awesome one for me, so as Autumn slowly starts to creep in I’ve started reminiscing on my trip to Cyprus that me and three friends decided to take.

I’d been to Paphos once before with my family about 10 years ago so I vaguely remembered the place and I was keen to explore it more with my friends. Kate and Dan (who took these awesome photos) regularly visit Cyprus so I was excited about where they were going to take us, especially with all the food hype that Kate had built up!

Old Town, Paphos

If you love a bit of history then taking a stroll though the Old Town is a must. Unfortunately in the residential area there were a lot of works going on and road closures so we weren’t able to find the coffee shop that Kate was looking for, but we still got a sense of tradition with the streets and cafes fronted with lines of the old Cypriot generation. Once we wandered out of the residential area we found the Old Town and it’s dated buildings.




Mount Olympus / Mount Troodos

Driving up into the mountains and walking the rest was something I was really keen on doing on this trip. We spent a couple of hours driving up through Mount Troodos and stopping off for a lunch in the little ski village before we parked up nearer the top and walked the rest on foot. It’s a beautiful drive and the views are endless, it’s definitely something to do when visiting Paphos.




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Adonis’ Baths

Now, I love a bit of Greek Mythology so when Kate and Dan told me about Adonis’ Baths that was hidden down a windy, narrow mountain track I was all game! Adonis is the God of Fertility, and you can see why… The natural springs and waterfalls cost a small fee to swim in and it’s well worth it. It wasn’t overpacked when we went but it is best to get up early and go because it’s such a small secluded area. It’s a real tranquil place with people swimming in natures water, theres rope swing and a tree to climb and jump off too – I recommend doing this when you first enter the way because the temperature is a bit chilly!

PLEASE NOTE; Only drive to Adonis’ Baths in a 4X4 car. The road says its suitable for all vehicles and from our experience it was not, we had an accident and it ended up costing us!



Adonis – The God of fertility.



Paphos Harbour

You’ll no doubt visit Paphos Harbour if you’re in Paphos, it’s the life and soul of the town that holds all the yummy food and lively bars but there are some aspects of the harbour that you probably won’t know about. Down the far end of the harbour (the quieter end) the locals gather as the sun sets and go for a swim away from all the hustle and bustle. The bar street is always fun for drinking and partying but this was the perfect way to spend our last night in Paphos, as you walk down to where the swimmers are you’ll pass a bar situated on the harbour front – go and check out the water lights in front of it.

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Latsi Beach

One thing that Paphos does lack is a sandy beach so the 40 minute car journey to Latsi was well worth it. It’s a beautiful little beach surrounded by some mountains and there is also a lovely board walk down to the harbour filled with posh yachts and yummy restaurants.

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Cypriot Eats;

  • Mothers – a short walk from Paphos Harbour. Mothers is a family run Cypriot restaurant, it was the first meal we ate when we arrived and it was hard not to compare every other meal to it!


  • Seven St George’s Restaurant – We found Seven St George’s as Paphos’ number 1 place to eat on TripAdvisor and it did not disappoint. I’d actually go as far as saying it was some of the best food I have ever eaten. Another family run restaurant, we sat down and the waiter said ‘Trust me and let me host you, we will just bring the food out’, all in all I think we were bought out around 36 dishes. Let him host you!

My word of advice when eating in Cyprus – try the Kleftiko at least once!






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