5 Podcasts To Inspire A Healthy Body & Healthy Mind.

5 Podcasts To Inspire A Healthy Body & Healthy Mind.

One habit that I’ve become extremely conscious of trying to stop, or lessen is reaching for my phone and scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feed as soon as I wake up. I know that it seems like the norm these days but it definitely isn’t a good habit to start your day with. I seem to be comparing myself to the bodies of ‘fitness models’, having major interior design envy and feeling like my I don’t style myself well enough before I’ve even got out of bed at 5am! Podcasts became a new love for me last year, it’s become a part of my daily ritual, waking up putting a podcast on or on my way to work. It’s my down time and I’ve really learnt some great things from other fitness professionals that have helped me in my job, I’ve opened my mind to having a regular hobby that’s outside of the gym and I’ve learnt to connect with myself.

I’ve had a much more productive day, especially at my 5am start when I’ve woken up and fed my brain some new information. It’s hit me up with daily motivation and inspiration that I can pass onto my clients and even my friends and family. Here are my top 5 favourite podcasts at the moment.

The 3 Dumbbells

These three bells – Fred, Matt and Seb are all working in the fitness industry as Personal Trainers. I find this podcast great for my development as a Personal Trainer because they’re nothing but honest and real and I can completely resonate with most challenges they face in the fitness industry. Their podcast is also great for gym goers that don’t work in the industry and are looking for some advice and guidance. Beginners and experienced trainers can learn so much from these boys, they’re real, they’re encouraging and their banter is bloody great!

Ben Coomber Radio 

Ben Coomber is, in my opinion one of the most respected guys in the fitness industry. He’s an extremely knowledgable Personal Trainer, owns and runs various businesses within the industry and isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. His podcast has definitely open and expanded my mind to different parts of the industry and has taught me LOTS about running a Personal Training business.

From The Heart: Conversations With Yoga Girl

Yoga Girl a.k.a Rachel Brathen is a young Swedish Mum living the dream in Aruba with her family. She is probably one of the biggest yogi’s on Instagram but she’s 100% authentic and real. She regularly talks about her struggles as a new Mum and being a business owner which makes her really relatable, yet she still leaves a sense of calm and clarity with you at the end of each episode. This podcast is really uplifting and teaches you to spread the love.

The mindbodygreen Podcast

mindbodygreen is one of the biggest companies in the Wellbeing Industry and their podcast covers all aspects of wellbeing, fitness and health. With some great guests you can expect to learn new things with every episode and have your mind broadened on taking care and developing yourself.

The Balanced Blonde // Soul On Fire

Spirit junkies this is for you! I’ve been following Jordan on social media for years, her blog and then her Instagram and now her podcast. She transitioned from being a vegan to now eating a balanced diet which includes meat and other animal products which has been an extremely interesting journey to follow as I’ve been through a similar journey. She’s now on her own spiritual journey, experimenting with different rituals, crystals and healing and incorporating it into her every day life. This podcast may not be for everyone but keep an open mind and I think you could learn a lot about yourself.

Have you got any podcasts that you recommend? I’m all ears!


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