My Ethics & Beliefs as a Fitness Professional.

My Ethics & Beliefs as a Fitness Professional.

What do you perceive a Personal Trainer to be on a day-to-day basis? Someone who spends their life in the gym? Someone being paid to make you sweat and endure a painful session? Maybe you’ve had a negative experience with a Personal Trainer and you were left feeling worse after the session than before it, you felt judged or you felt intimidated by their expectations of you. Well, I’m here to set the record straight and share my beliefs and work ethics that I think ALL Fitness Professionals should be following and promoting to their clients and their audience.Health and Fitness is one of the biggest selling and most promoted industries in the World at the moment – you can see workouts blasted all over social media as well as transformation photos, booty building guides, ab blasters & six pack programmes to follow. But have you ever thought about who’s selling them and why they’re doing it?

Everyone works so that they can earn money but unfortunately not everyone has the passion and the drive to want to make a difference at the same time. Social media has the incredible ability to be able to share photos and information with thousands of people and to help them connect and learn from each other but this can also lead to misinformation being shared and sold and sometimes this can do more damage then good. With the rise of mental health issues, I cannot stress enough to my clients and my followers about how important it is to create a positive and inspirational environment for you to live in each day.

My motto for my social media feed and something that everyone needs to take into consideration is – ‘If I stop feeling inspired & motivated by someone’s content and start to body shame myself & doubt my self worth & capability, then they’re serving no purpose to me.’ Click unfollow, delete, remove and only follow people that uplift you and inspire you. Remember that your mental health is a massive part of your general health and learning to nurture how you feel about yourself is a massive step towards living a healthy lifestyle.

So you’ve sorted out your digital life, but what about your everyday living life? Who inspires you every day? Which people in your life help motivate you and support you towards your goals and what you want to achieve? Do you have someone/some people in your life that make you doubt your self worth and your confidence? It doesn’t necessarily have to come from a social aspect either, environments can have a huge affect on your mental health and affecting your daily motivation. As brutal as it sounds, if someone or somewhere isn’t serving you in a positive way then you need to address how this can change.


Being a Personal Trainer and working as Fitness Professional isn’t just about getting clients a six pack, or dropping their dress size down to an 8, it’s about being personal with your clients and putting their wellbeing first. Once your mindset is where it should be – the rest follows and it all becomes a lot easier.

Confidence is another key factor that I like to talk about a lot with clients and on my social media because confidence is everything. How many times have you walked into a room, or a gym, or an event on your own and you immediately feel self conscious and that everyone is looking at you? People tend to avoid certain situations because they lack confidence, this comes back down to your mindset and to daily contributing factors such as social media and people in your life. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to gain confidence, this could be setting yourself a new challenge, trying a new activity or spending time with someone or people that you wouldn’t usually spend time with. This is an aspect that I ADORE about my job, I have the ability to introduce people to the world of health and fitness through group sessions and classes, I can teach them something brand new and make them feel like they’ve owned that workout that they would never have thought they would be able to do and the best part of my job is that no matter how someone is feeling prior to their workout – they always feel accomplished and proud that they did it. This is why I love sharing and working in health & fitness. By creating a regular routine where you’re left feeling accomplished and you’re seeing improvements in will only push you to do the same in the other aspects of your life – fitness has the ability to build a strong and resilient body and mind.

This to me is a healthy lifestyle.

Having an Instagram worthy figure, peachy bum, ripped abs and thigh gaps has been deemed as perfect – but is it healthy and realistic? I speak from experience when I say that no, it is not. When I first got into fitness and being in the gym was a hobby, I became obsessed with having a six pack. I stripped my body fat percentage down by regulating my calorie intake on a daily basis – I measured my food before cooking it, I juiced and did Vegan diets, I limited myself to going out, I trained and trained and trained because if I slipped up I would lose all of my hard work. Does that sound healthy to you? Now, I train my body through all different aspects of fitness such as weight training, yoga, running, dog walking and through classes. I’m predominantly plant based when it comes to food but for health related and ethical reasons which is backed up by research that I’ve pretty much been studying for the past 2 years, it;s not for a quick and easy fix to keep my body fat percentage down. I pretty much eat what I like with a balance, and I never say no to dinner with friends. This, to me is a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It’s easier for me to keep physical because that’s my job and I do it on a daily basis but the balance part is finding where it can slot into your life.  Labeling our lifestyles can be a huge mistake because it creates pressure and pressure is stress – we don’t want any stress 🙂 You can read more about Why We Shouldn’t Label Our Lifestyle here.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love pushing people through an hour of exercise, taking them out of their comfort zones and pushing people to their limits but as Fitness Professionals we should be promoting health as an everyday priority in all aspects of life and not just in the gym.

Are you a Fitness Professional or someone that’s had an experience working with one? I’d love to hear your thoughts and your stories! 



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